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Commercial Brock Dock Vinyl Decking

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Brock Dock systems are builit to last.  Weather-resistant, 100% vinyl with UV protection ensures that your dock's beauty will endure the elements for years to come.  So while some other docks become faded, discolored or even rotted over time, Brock Dock systems maintain their beauty year after year.

In addition, the Clip Strip fastening system keeps screws hidden and ensures that Brock Dock planks are spaced uniformly - while managing and controlling the natural expansion and contraction that occurs under temerature extremes.

Brock Dock systems offer great-looking designs to enhance your outdoor space, compined with practical features that make your life easier.  Two slip-resistant patterns ensure added safety when your dock is wet.  With a variety of colors to choose from, you're sure to find a Brock Dock system to complement your location, whether on land or shore.  Brock Dock planks offer a traditional woodgrain pattern, while our crosshatch pattern adds a contemporary touch to your dock.
You'll enjoy the ease of truly carefree maintenance because Brock Dock systems are made of premium vinyl - which means there's no need to paint, stain, or seal.  As a result, you won't be exposed to harsh chemicals that can be harmful to you, your family or the environment.

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