Limited Lifetime Warranty

At Prestigic Vinyl Creations we proudly use vinyl extruded at Kroy by Ply Gem which is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.



File A Claim
To file a claim, please mail the completed claim document and all accompanying documents to:

Ply Gem Warranty Services Department
2600 Grand Boulevard, Ste 900
Kansas City, MO 64108

Transfer your Warranty
Where appropriate, you and the subsequent Property owners may transfer your Warranty by providing written notice to us within 30 days after the date of transfer of ownership. This notice should include the warranty registration number (if available), the address of the Property, the name and mailing address (if different) of the new owners and the date of transfer. The notice should be sent to the following address:

Ply Gem Warranty Transfer Department
PO Box 110100
Pittsburgh, PA 15232